Memoir Builder, 1.0

Craig Leinoff, one of my favorite colleagues and PERHAPS the officiant of my future wedding, now works with the developers who built MemoirBuilder, the tool I created to get people inspired and started on writing the story of their lives. I finished it months ago but haven’t had the time to figure out what to do with it!

He recently took the tool for a spin and immediately “rediscovered” this lovely memory, which he then gave me permission to reprint here:

4th of July Sparklers from - beautiful photos!

I was born in July on the 2nd. I associate far more with the Fall than with the summer, but one thing that was a special memory to me was that my birthday fell two days before Independence Day. We used to go to visit my grandparents in Neponsit and every 4th of July when I was a kid there would be hundreds and hundreds of fireworks going off all night on the beach.

It was the most fantastic thing I can ever remember seeing. All civilian-operated. Fireworks were illegal of course, but no one cared and no one was stopped until middle school when the police started cracking down on it. Before that time, though, every birthday I had seemed to be lit with sparklers, shooting stars, and fiery weeping willows. In my memory, there were even these fireworks that I’ve never seen before, life-sized, that looked like they “walked,” right down the sandy street, dancing to the wails of whizzers and screamers along the beach. I don’t think these could possibly have been real.

A guy used to stand and just give out sparklers to little kids, and he’d light them for you. And all the kids — or at least I would — would be a little scared to hold that fire. But he’d just say, “OK, now hold on there. Careful! It’s all right! There you go!”

Please, check out the tool! I really could use honest feedback: It’s very, very basic right now, and I need to decide whether it’s worth developing further.

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